Canada Day 2018 -PTSA’s Event- / カナダデー -PTSA イベント-

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◆Dear Columbia Family,

We will have PTSA event at Canada day party on June 28th.
Chanpon, Snack, and Kumichou are getting together as a special unit for Colombia International School. They are going to showing us the break dance!!!
In the Breaking world, everyone knows them….. 20 years BREAKING career,【 B-Boy Chanpon】
The world class power mover and bring out variety of acrobat, 【B-Boy Snack】
With powerful style and handle music masterfully, people called him as heavy warrior of B-Boy, 【Kumichou】
Parents and guardian can see this show. Please definitely change into your indoor shoes.

<1st STAGE For Kindergarten & Elementary>
◎DOORS OPEN : 9:10
◎STAGE TIME  : 10:15~11:00
◎VENUE    : School Main Gym

<2nd STAGE For Junior & Senior>
◎DOORS OPEN : 11:10
◎STAGE TIME  : 11:15~12:00
◎VENUE    : School Main Gym

PTSA Executive Committee


6月28日(木)のカナダデーパーティにて、PTSAのイベントを行います。 保護者の皆さまも観覧できますので、ご都合が合うようでしたらご参加ください!


◎開場 : 10:10
◎講演 : 10:15~11:10
◎場所 : 体育館

◎開場 : 11:10
◎講演 : 11:15~12:00
◎場所 : 体育館