Call for Volunteers

Imagine This…..!

The CIS library needs you! Students, teachers, staff and parents will be meeting to plan how to improve the current library space. Based on this plan, we will develop a budget and then the real fun begins! The library improvement project is tentatively being called “Imagine This…!” You can share your thoughts about this or another title at the meeting!

We need creative people, people who love reading, people who love to work with their hands, people who can see the “big picture”, people who are “details oriented” and….well, everyone has something to offer!

If you are interested in helping out, please contact PTSA members (English) Ellen Motohashi; CIS office staff member Ayako Hama (English and Japanese); or CIS teacher Allan Morrison (English).

Let’s Be Prepared!

While everything went as smoothly as could be hoped for at CIS during the March 11 earthquake, staff and parents feel strongly that a clear plan should be in place so that everyone knows what to expect in various scenarios and so that required resources are on hand in the event of another emergency.

If you are interested in being part of this process, please contact PTSA Chair Michiko Isomura (Japanese/English); PTSA member Ellen Motohashi (English); CIS office staff member Ayako Hama (English and Japanese); or CIS Principal Barrie McCliggott.