About PTSA

Hello Everyone!

My name is Michiko Isomura and I am the chair of the PTSA for the 2012-13 school year.

When our group began, we decided to call ourselves the “PTSA” instead of the more usual “PTA”.  This is because, in addition to involving parents and teachers, we believe that including other school staff members is important as well – hence, the “S” in PTSA stands for “Staff”.

Parents who help the PTSA to enrich the school lives of our children are all volunteers.  Some of us are homemakers, some of us care for our aging parents and some of us work at businesses both inside and outside of the home.  But all of us have found many benefits from being involved in the PTSA.

A few of the many benefits include knowing that we have enriched our children’s school experience, enjoying the company of other parents and enjoying the opportunity to use our time, energy and skills to help out with something meaningful.

As a parent of a CIS student you, too, are a member of the PTSA.  We are confident that if you choose to become a more active member you, too, will experience the many benefits of volunteering!

To give you a better idea of what it is we do and how you might like to get involved, here are some of the PTSA activities from over the past couple of years…

We have held workshops ranging from how to build and program robots to how to skip double-dutch.  We also hosted a presentation from a Canadian children’s book author, a performance of English rakugo and a drumming group.

At the school’s Winter Fiesta, the PTSA hosts a fund-raising bazaar, runs a café and has games/crafts/stories/songs for the children.  The PTSA also regularly enriches the school’s Halloween party with pumpkins for the children to carve, prizes for the best pumpkins and Halloween treats.  Then, on Canada Day, for graduation and to welcome new students, we distribute gifts.

The PTSA also hosts its own special annual event – a very successful Summer Festival!  This enjoyable afternoon features delicious food, fun games and entertainment by both students and teachers.  It’s a real community-building event!

This year, in response to identified needs by the school community and in cooperation with the school, we are planning to update the library, purchase some sports equipment and contribute to a school trip.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for you to become involved!

In addition, if you have a great idea, please share it with us.  If you see a problem and can offer a good solution, please let us know. Let’s all work together to make the PTSA work even better for our children.

PTSA meetings are held at the school on the second Saturday of every month during the school year.  Please come and join us!  Together, we can work together for our children’s benefit.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you!

Michiko Isomura, PTSA chair